Beyond West is a music project located just outside of Calgary, Alberta. Beyond West writes and records studio music in the indie pop genre. It is difficult to place our music into an exact category. Although some younger people may enjoy our music, our target audience is people over 50.

Daryn Fleming, Ph.D, is the founder of the Beyond West music project. He is a musician  --  a singer, songwriter, who plays electric guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. Dr. Fleming has a Masters Degree in media communication and a Ph.D in metaphysics.  

​In the 1970s, Dr. Fleming developed an interest in the guitar. He took guitar lessons for over 10 years. He also played the piano as well as lead electric guitar. 

​​​In the early 2000s, Dr. Fleming created and helped produce several radio talk shows.  He also secured a syndication deal for "Wade Gordon Sound Explorer," a radio show which explored and featured some of the latest sounds in music around the year 2000. 

In 2020 during the height of the Covid pandemic, Dr. Fleming decided to form the Beyond West music project.

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